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  • 新鄉市豫新航空低溫容器有限責任公司
  • 新鄉市豫新航空低溫容器有限責任公司
  • 新鄉市豫新航空低溫容器有限責任公司

Yuxin aviation cryogenic containers co., LTD., is the second group company by the China aviation industry, one of the ten subordinate enterprises (national) DiYiSanSi factory original container factory in cryogenic container to form a joint-stock enterprises, located in xinxiang of henan province.The company developed and produced "aviation brand" liquid nitrogen biological container series products, has a history of more than 40 years.The products successively three times was awarded the national silver medal, and repeatedly rated as national products, combined, in all previous national product quality appraisal, product quality, performance has always been in a leading position, become well-known products in the domestic industry.

Company long-term adherence to the "quality first" principle, fully implementing the "total quality management" and "product fine beautification project" strategy, give full play to the core techn

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